Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Coming to the small town of Jeffreys bay means different things to different groups of people. To some locals, it’s a place of absolute solitude where they finally get to exchange their office space for a place of rest. To the travelling surfer, it’s a mecca of waves and good times. To the kids from up-country, it’s simply a place where they get to be in the sun the whole day and treat their backs and shoulders with after-sun in the evening. Regardless of your walk of life and your reason to visit this place some call paradise, all of us get bored someday of the week. Even in this Utopia. Eventually, we all look for something to do… Look no further. This is your guide to the Top rated activities you to pass the time on in and around J-bay.

1. Salted Surf School

Jeffreys Bay is known to the entire world for its iconic right-hand wave called Super-Tubes. It’s without a doubt the reason for most of the feet moving through here. And to most surfers, it’s just a dream destination they might never have the privilege of surfing. With that being said – You have to surf while you’re here! Not a lot of people get to say that they surfed in J-bay. And if you’re going to surf the best wave in the world, why not use the best surf school in town? Salted Surf offers everything you need to make your surfing experience memorable and genuine. Their staff and instructors live for surfing. They know what it’s about, and they want to pass on the experience which was passed on to them.

2. J-bay Surf Village – Eat, Surf, Shop and Skate.

This little gem of an area is filled with jewels of joy and might just be the literal meaning of Good Vibes! You cannot visit J-bay and not want to go to the Surf-Village – Filled with Tasteful food, trendy clothing shops and award-winning coffee spots all in one street, it’s easy to see why people want to be here. It’s impossible to be here and not have a good time.

3. Skydive Jeffreys Bay / Face Adrenaline Bungee-Jump

Looking for a thrill? We’ve got you covered. This one is for the bucket-list kind of people. Skydiving and Bungee-Jumping must be two of the things you hear most of only in hypothetical conversations. Don’t you think it’s about time you make your dreams come true? Sky-diving over the coastline of the eastern cape can’t be described. You’re going to have to see that for yourself. And Bungee-Jumping face-first from the Bloukrans Bridge is a life-changing experience no one can forget.

4. Die Watergat / Jan se Gat

This place is almost a secret and most people find out by accident. But hundred per cent of people who find out and go here will never forget the day. What is this place? It’s nature’s gift to the people of Jeffreys bay. Natural spring and waterhole. Freshwater from a small river running into a massive natural swimming hole deeper than Felix the Cat’s magic bag. With a zip-line gliding into the water and huge cliff jumps, this place is guaranteed to supply hours of fun. Besides all the physical fun, the landscape itself is something to see.

5. Beach horse trails Papiesfontein.

Something out of a Nicholas Sparks book or a Hollywood Romance. A long trot on a gorgeous stretch of beach on one of natures most majestic animals. Can you think of anything better to do at the beach?

Boredom is never an option here. With so much to do in this small African paradise, you don’t have to worry about tomorrow. With the list we just gave you, you’re guaranteed to live in the moment.