Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Whether you’ve been surfing your whole life or started surfing yesterday, if you’ve been around any conversation about surfing, Jeffreys Bay was sure to find its way into your ears.

To almost every surfer in the world, J-bay is on their bucket list. Any surfer dreams of having the perfect right-hand wave break in front of them.

Coming to a place like Jeffreys Bay is a dream come true. To most people, the opportunity doesn’t come knocking on their doorstep too often, so when the chance presents itself most people would want to make the best of it – Which is why we put together a list of the Top Accommodation in Jeffreys Bay.

1. Surf Lodge South Africa.

Located in paradise beach, the Surf Lodge is the perfect place to have the surf experience of your life. From waking up to a perfect sunrise, to having a sunset braai while staring out on the ocean. The Surf Lodge offers everything you need to relax. In partnership with Salted Surf School, the Surf Lodge offers surf camps for those looking to catch the perfect wave. It’s simple – sunrise, breakfast, early surf, coffee, afternoon surf, and sunset braai. What more can you ask for?

2. African Perfection.

J-bay is known mainly for 1 thing – The perfect right-hand wave known as Supertubes. African perfection is the place you want to be if you’re looking to wake up every morning staring into the face of the world’s best wave. Located at the point of Supertubes, there is truly no better view of the perfect wave. The location is ideal for the frothing surfer.

3. Shaloha Luxury Accommodation.

This luxurious gem of a guest house could be your ideal place of rest. If you’re on a break from work looking for nothing to do but relax, this is the spot for you. Balconies, lounging areas, and

complimentary firewood. What else would you need? The view and the sound of crashing waves are guaranteed to help you relax.

4. Ubuntu Backpackers.

Backpacking goes hand-in-hand with surf culture. Ubuntu backpackers have a solution for everyone. With good vibes all around, you’re guaranteed to meet people on your journey you’ll never forget. Good times in and out of the water are a must!

Jeffreys bay is so much more than just waves and surfing. Of course, it’s the core, but there is a lot more to it. But to fully enjoy and experience the town and its people for what it is, you’re going to have to find your perfect place to stay! All of us are looking for something different on our journeys.

Whatever it is, J-bay’s got it. For sure.