Updated: Jun 13, 2022

However, that’s not all. It’s more likely that you, the reader has no idea what half of that first sentence meant (good thing we have a surf dictionary below). Most of you who pass by our little town are likely only to have heard about surfing in Blue Crush 2 or some Rihanna song. Still, here you are, curious as ever to see if you too, can experience the joys of ripping our wonderful waves.

Truth be told, I’m a harsh man. You will not become a pro in 1.5 half hours with us (an idea some may try to sell you). However, J-bay, is so well loved by surfers of all skills because of its unbelievable range of waves, and the quality they offer. This is why there is no better place for one to learn how to surf.

Seeing as we are talking about “learning” to surf, we’ll cover the beginner section of surfing. We have 4 beach breaks in Jeffreys bay alone, with an additional 4 – 20 minutes’ drive.

The best of them is of cause situated right in front of SALTED. This beach break is an incredible starting point, as it spread out over a large area, with a slight acute bend allowing the perfect protection or explosion of swell all year round. It also possesses an outside bank that breaks the power of bigger swells, allowing for surfing even when it’s too risky at other breaks. With its soft sloping inside bank the waves only gets better, as the swell drops for the beginners and it breaks softly on the outside giving even the most amateur surfer a chance to already feel the thrill of catching a green wave AKA a face. It’s something that not everyone knows about the waves, but luckily for us, we (partners and employees alike) are all fully bred locals who know things only those with life time commitments to this town are aware of (lucky you haha).

So once you have learnt all the basics and our instructor gives you the go ahead that you are ready to put in the extra mileage in the water by yourselves. You have an incredible amount of choice for you to take your knowledge and test it out in full privacy. In this way you can be sure you bring home grand stories without anybody being able to have witnessed it. All your big barrels and airs that we fully believe happened. None of the embarrassing moments that didn’t happen go unseen by any pretty ladies.

Thats it, get ready to learn to surf in Jeffreys Bay