Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Going on a trip to J- Bay and not bringing a surfboard happens more often than you would think. Surf veterans and newbies make trips to the lovely town of Jeffreys Bay every year in search of a perfect wave. Whether they’re here on business or pleasure, there is always time for a quick, little surf somewhere. You can’t always be assured to bring a surfboard with you and a daily rental might be your only hope for the wave of your dreams. But before you walk into any store that has a surfboard hanging in the window and grab anything that floats, there are a lot of aspects to look at. So let me help you, surfer-to-surfer, choose your next perfect rental.

Every surfer is different and we all know every surfing style demands a different board or even a different wave. I guess the best surfers can surf anything or any wave, but preference plays the biggest role. Why? Because if you’re not having fun, why are you even out there? Which brings me to my first point;

Personal style:

Your personal style demands a specific board. Whether you’re a fan of spray flying off the back of the wave or you’re happy with going down the wave in a straight line, there is a board out there that would work better for you than the rest.

It’s quite simple. If you’re looking to smash the lip to shreds, a shorter board is the logical choice. A classic thruster setup makes that easy. If you’re looking to fly down the line, not really looking at a section to fly off of, a fish is your best bet. And if you like to treat your board like a red carpet, a longer board is the perfect rental to roll out and walk on.

Wave preference:

Jeffreys Bay has a lot more to offer than the glorious SuperTubes. The waves here stretch over a few kilometers of beach, and a range of different kinds of waves you can never imagine. From Kitchen Windows to Albatros and even further out, your spot selection is bigger than you think. Different waves like different boards. So before you make up your mind and grab any board you might want in your quiver, ask a local where to go and where to stay away from. The last thing you want is to paddle out at SuperTubes with a 9ft board.


You have to be honest with yourself. Not just for your own safety, but for the brethren around you as well. Choosing a board to use is as important as picking a meal at your favourite restaurant – You want something that will satisfy. If you can’t handle spicy foods, you’re not going to order something with chilies. If you can’t surf bigger waves or a green wave for that matter, you’re not going to paddle out on a 5’5” fish. The easiest way to match a board with your ability is to ask someone who’s been doing it for a while. Three things you want to avoid;

  1. Putting other people in danger because of your lack of judgement on your own abilities.
  2. Not having fun in the water because of your lack of judgment on your own abilities
  3. Having tear-filled-eyes because you order a meal with chilies when you can’t handle spicy foods.

With all the different kinds of boards available in the world right now, it makes it a little harder to be honest with yourself when choosing one to surf for a day. But it’s part of the fun right? As long as you keep in mind that finding your perfect board for rent could take some time, you’ll be just fine. Indiana Jones didn’t find the Ark in one day. But he did find it.

Choose wisely.